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PC, PlayStation and other console games provide plenty of entertainment, but when they land on the shelves for the first time, they are certainly not cheap to buy. Sure, there is nothing preventing you from jumping right in and spending $50 to $60 on a video game you think looks good, but what if it fails to meet your expectations? Well, it means you have just lost some of your hard-earned money and it is something you could have avoided if you had taken the time to read some game reviews - if only you had found this website before. Well, that is in the past, and there is certainly no point crying about it now. The main thing is that you have found us now.


What Is It that We Do?

To put it in as simple a manner as we can, we review the biggest and latest games that are released, whether that will be for Xbox, PlayStation, or PC, so that we can help you to make up your mind as to whether you think it is worth your while buying the game.

If you do not like aspects of the game that we discuss in our in-depth reviews, then simply do not purchase the game or do some research before you do. For instance, if you are thinking about buying the latest FIFA game (one is released every year), then take the time to read our review. It will only take you a matter of minutes and those few minutes could save you money and disappointment in the long run.

Why It Is Necessary to Read Reviews

We always say that people have to read reviews before buying an expensive game (and they seem to always get more expensive) and while there are plenty out there who listen to us, there are many others who ignore these wise words and go and purchase the game without knowing anything about it. Then, just a few games later, they are moaning to their friends about how the new game that they bought is rubbish and a waste of money. Below we are going to explain why it is important that you read reviews before you buy a game.

You Receive Valuable Data

If you would like a better understanding of a video game before you buy it, you need to read some reviews because any review that is worth its salt will discuss valuable information such as the characters within the game, the overall gaming experience, how it compares to other games, and what type of gameplay it has. There are plenty of reviews that will tell you the cost of a game, but we do not do this because it varies depending on the store you are buying it from.

It Saves You Time and Money

As we said earlier, many video game players do not spend the time to read reviews and just jump right in and buy the game. They then quickly realise that the game is not to their liking. This is when they realise that they have wasted precious time and money. If they had just made an effort to visit a review site, such as this one, and read some reviews on the game, they would have not thrown their hard-earned cash down the toilet.

You Can Find Out the Game's Genre

There are plenty of game genres out there, and there will be some genres that you are not too fond about. For instance, you might not be a fan of escape games, while action-adventure games might be more your cup of tea. If you happen not to like any of these genres and you go and buy a game that is grouped into such a genre, then you are obviously going to have a poor gaming experience. So, and we do not keep saying it because we like the sound of our own voice, take the time to read some reviews so you can find out more about the genre of a game that you are thinking about buying.

You Can Find Out about the Difficulty Level

By reading a review, you can get a very good idea about whether the game is too easy or hard. Some of us love difficult games, while there are others that prefer easier games because they are not hardcore gamers. Those who consider themselves to be hardcore gamers will be on the lookout for video games that are tricky and make them think while playing. Casual gamers, on the other hand, will be on the lookout for entertaining and fun games that can help kill a couple of hours whenever they have a bit of spare time.


You Can Learn about the Gameplay

By reading reviews you can get a good idea about the different characters you will encounter in a game as well as how you play it. Games obviously come with different gameplay to make sure that you do not end up getting bored, so a great review will take a look at the gameplay of whatever game is being reviewed.

What to Consider When Reading Reviews

Below are a number of things that you should definitely take into consideration whenever you are reading some game reviews.

Read different reviews: There will be plenty of game review websites out there that will declare that their reviews are the only reviews that are worth reading, but they are not saying this for your benefit, they are saying it because they simply do not want you to make use of other review sites. We are not like this, we only want what is best for you, so we suggest that you read a few different reviews for the same game before you go ahead and make your final choice. Come up with some questions that you want answers to regarding the game, and only purchase it when you have received satisfactory answers to these questions.

Pay attention to bad and good points: Some video gamers will read reviews and only look at the good points, but if you do this then there is no point reading reviews at all. If you find out both the bad and the good, then you will be able to decide whether the good points outweigh the bad and whether the game is worth buying.

The importance of simple language: Sometimes you will find reviews that have complex language, and you will end up getting confused. If you happen across a review that you do not understand because of the language that is being used, then just ignore it and find another one - there are plenty out there. You will not encounter such a problem with us since we make sure that all our reviews are easy to get to grips with.

Why You Can Definitely Trust Us

Before we start to write a review about a game, we will take the time to get to know the game in question by playing it for a long period of time. When playing the game, we will pay attention to all the minute details and note down everything that we believe is important so we can mention it in our reviews. There are plenty of review sites out there who just paraphrase what other sites have said, but this is something that we will never do.

Another reason why you can definitely trust us is that we are always honest. We are not being paid by anyone to promote their games, like some websites are, so we do not have any problem when it comes to telling you the good and bad factors of a game. If we tell you something is good, it is because we believe that it is and not because someone is giving us money to spread good words about their game.

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